Decorating the Baby’s Room

Raising a baby means we’ll be tied down more to our home, but we want to be sure that messages conveyed by the decoration of our home reminds us of the places in our past that have formed us, and to instill in our baby boy the possibilities of exploration in his future.

Decorated Walls of “My Room”

Before the current practice of sharing travel experience on blogs and on our social media “walls”, the place where I highlighted my travels was on a physical wall – with printed photographs and maps.  After Kim and I married in 2017, I moved into her small home and in the room that became “my room” for my office and over-flow, I had a new opportunity to decorate the walls anew with my photos and artwork.  But more than this being a simple task of taking down framed pictures from a wall in one house and hanging them on another wall in a new house, this exercise took on new meaning and relevance in the context of family, marriage and our combined household.