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The Journey of the Blog

I started this blog in 2015 when I took an extended road trip across the USA with my faithful dog, El Guapo, who would eagerly go with me anywhere.  I continued to write about some of my other global travels, but the real journey is not so much the places you go, but the people who go with you.  I met my wife Kim on an international trip to Costa Rica that I organized that same year with the local Asheville organization LEAF.  We’ve since made other journeys together, including our honeymoon, in which we brought back a surprise souvenir.  Nine months later in 2018, our biggest journey started when our son Walker was born.  Lacking the big travels away from home that first inspired this blog, my travel writing went dormant; furthermore, El Guapo grew progressively ill and had to be put down.  He overlapped with Walker for 3 months.  My focus centered on the role of fatherhood rather than the road.  But the name “Walker” was chosen because of our shared experiencing of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and the pace at which we like to experience the world on foot.  And as Walker has gotten older and able to travel on his own feet, I have rediscovered in the absorbing eyes of a child, that the most adventurous trek can be a simple stroll around the neighborhood.  Fatherhood is my new frontier.  Thus I don’t have have to venture to some new or exotic place to have good stories to tell; this blog is newly dedicated to every-day adventures.   -Isaiah


Recent Posts

“To Do” in Asheville

These recommendations were written in 2021 assuming it’s the right season and with the forethought of the covid pandemic not being a factor.  Be sure to do your own research to make sure any of these suggestions are operating or feasible during the actual season of...

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Montford Neighborhood: Livin’ La Vida Local

(Updated 2023) It is perhaps odd that for 20 years I have worked in tourism, and in all that time and all the destinations I've led tours to, rarely have they been to the place I am most familiar - the place I call home - Asheville, NC, even though it is a popular...

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2020 Year In Review

I began this travel blog website, as most do, to highlight those trips that are getaways from everyday life.  In 2020, "everyday life" was the true adventure.  And so, amidst this hiatus from travel, I'm using my blog as the forum to share my Year in Review.  This...

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2019 Year in Review

I doubt I'll ever top 2018 for the amount of change in my life and home, but for this next Year in Review, 2019 is a wonderful story of just settling into this new life more and more, as an unfolding journey.  By no means boring!  I've composed it into a book to print...

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2018 Year in Review

2018 was a year for Math in our household - addition, multiplication, subtraction, division.  It is highlighted here.  I've composed it into a book to print and keep at our house, but the online version is visible here.  (If the frame below doesn't load properly, you...

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Decorating the Baby’s Room

Raising a baby means we'll be tied down more to our home, but we want to be sure that messages conveyed by the decoration of our home reminds us of the places in our past that have formed us, and to instill in our baby boy the possibilities of exploration in his...

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