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The Journey of the Blog

I started this blog in 2015 when I took an extended road trip across the USA with my faithful dog, El Guapo, who would eagerly go with me anywhere.  I continued to write about some of my other global travels, but the real journey is not so much the places you go, but the people who go with you.  I met my wife Kim on an international trip to Costa Rica that I organized that same year with the local Asheville organization LEAF.  We’ve since made other journeys together, including our honeymoon, in which we brought back a surprise souvenir.  Nine months later in 2018, our biggest journey started when our son Walker was born.  Lacking the big travels away from home that first inspired this blog, my travel writing went dormant; furthermore, El Guapo grew progressively ill and had to be put down.  He overlapped with Walker for 3 months.  My focus centered on the role of fatherhood rather than the road.  But the name “Walker” was chosen because of our shared experiencing of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and the pace at which we like to experience the world on foot.  And as Walker has gotten older and able to travel on his own feet, I have rediscovered in the absorbing eyes of a child, that the most adventurous trek can be a simple stroll around the neighborhood.  Fatherhood is my new frontier.  Thus I don’t have have to venture to some new or exotic place to have good stories to tell; this blog is newly dedicated to every-day adventures.   -Isaiah


Recent Posts

Swiss Alps and the Via Alpina

As in the previous two years, I took advantage of my final spring student tour group ending in a major airport hub (PHL), to seek out a cheap flight to somewhere new to explore – giving myself a little break at the end of very busy stretch of work tours. This year I...

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Post-Camino: To the Sea, To Portugal

Post Camino:  Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Gliding. Our goal was to finish the Camino Frances in Santiago in 28 days.  Having completed it in 26, we had the luxury of a few extra days of flexibility prior to our flight home of Oct. 12th from Lisbon.  So here’s...

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El Camino, Day 26: to Santiago de Compostela

Day 26: Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compestela:  12.5 miles Wednesday,  October 5, 2016:  Departed:  7:15am,  Arrived 12:15pm While it was still dark, we quietly left our albergue with breakfast snacks in hand and joined the quiet procession of dark figures moving through...

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El Camino, Day 25: to Pedrouzo

Day 25: Melide - Pedrouzo:  21 miles Tuesday,  October 4, 2016:  Departed:  8:15am,  Arrived 4:30pm The previous night, we treated ourselves to a private room at Hotel Chiquitin.  Rather, I should say Kim’s parents “treated” us.  Perhaps my accounts of crowded...

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El Camino, Day 24: to Melide

Day 24: Gonzar - Melide:  19.5 miles Monday,  October 3, 2016:  Departed:  8:00am,  Arrived 4:15pm To our surprise, our albergue dorm of 20 bunks, actually did not have a bad snorer in it, nor early risers that make lots of noise getting up...

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