Asheville, NC  – My home sweet home

Like any travel blog, I began Itchy Foot Prints as a way to feature and share the places I travel to “away” from home.  But a culmination of several factors (marriage, fatherhood, and a global pandemic) has resulted in my biggest recent adventures being the ones close to home.  My home, Asheville, is a pretty awesome and eccentric place after all, and many people want to visit and even relocate to our increasingly popular city in the mountains of North Carolina.  So this section of my blog is dedicated to sharing my insider “local” knowledge of my town and the surrounding region.  Looking for suggestions for getting outdoors and for eating and drinking and just getting to know this area and why so many people love it? See some of our favorite reasons and resources below…

Why Asheville?  A few years ago, a videographer friend of mine asked me and a few others to be “extras” in a video compilation he was creating for Greybeard vacation rentals, showcasing a “perfect day” in Asheville.  Romanticism aside, it’s actually a very good snapshot of the good life we can enjoy living here, and what visitors can enjoy too: local cafes, art, breweries, mountains and rivers.  You might not casually fit it all in one day, but it will be fun trying and discovering even more that could have been included.  See if you can spot the “sexy dad” nursing his baby at the brewery.

It is good for people to eat, drink and enjoy their toil under the sun

Ecclesiastes 5:18