For all of 2022, I don’t believe I’ve made any updates to this blog, and a big reason for that is I’ve reserved my major writing tasks to my annual tradition of composing my Year in Review with commentary and photos, which was no small task.  You’ll find my 2022 review below.  This year’s creation is fitting for what started as my travel blog, as a major part of the year was our big road trip to New Mexico and back, spanning 6 weeks, a trip we’d been envisioning as a family for some time.  But apart from the travels, like any year, the biggest journey is life itself, and I’ve tried to capture both the uniquely eventful and the slow pilgrimage of everyday life that sneaks right past you if you don’t stop to reflect on it.  I’ve composed it into a book to print and keep at our house, but the online version is visible here.  (If the frame below doesn’t load properly, you can also view it here: 2022 Year In Review – online Canva link)

2022 Year in Review by Isaiah Mosteller

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