Leading up to the birth of our baby in 2018, Kim used the online platform “Tiny Beans” to share photos and updates with friends and family. She continued doing so, with lovely written commentary, as we raised our son Walker and watched him grow, creating a treasure of moments.

At the time of the creation of this book (Christmas 2023) I still get frequent emails from Tiny Beans with “weekly flashbacks”. On one hand, I thought it might be time to unsubscribe since it’s been 2 years since Kim added anything new to the site. But on the other hand, it’s those same fast and few years of distance that make me want to keep looking back, with wonder and nostalgia. I imagine that endearment of preserved memories will only grow when those 2 years turn into 20, so I wanted to preserve her work in physical form in our fingers. This is a compilation of her photos and words (screen captures). Not sure if this book or that website is apt to last longer, but you can see if it’s still there at: https://tinybeans.com/app/#/main/journals/1005291/2018/1

I do hope that one day our “tiny bean” Walker Lune will finger through this book as a grown man, and smile. He probably won’t remember any of these moments himself, but may they remind him how just much he has always been loved.

(If the frame below doesn’t load properly, you can also view it here: Kim’s “Tiny Beans” Posts – online Canva link)

Tiny Beans by Isaiah Mosteller

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